Breaking news – Nikon D300s announcement…

July 30, 2009

I guess this really shocks no one.  Nikon releases the D300s.  It’s basically a D300 with 720p movie mode.  Interestingly, it has dual card slots for CF and SD cards.  Also annouced, the D3000, and upgrades to the fabulous 70-200 and 18-200 lenses.

Interesting stuff, but nothing that Earth shattering.  I’m not sure how I personally feel about movie modes being added to SLR cameras.  I’ve never been interested in video,  but that could change with some of these new cameras.  It’s certainly intriguing to use an SLR with fantastic Nikon lenses on the D300s and/or D90.



One comment

  1. Hey Rob,
    Are you running any specials for holiday portraits? LOL

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