Now accepting orders…

December 11, 2008

Ahhhh.  It wasn’t as simple as I initially thought and still needs some shine, but I’m happy to say the Online Ordering portion of my website is complete.  Here, you’ll be able to view and purchase fine art prints and other photography merchandise and review and order prints from client-proofs.  Credit cards are being accepted through a PayPal account as they offer very good service charges to the merchant.  This is the piece that needs some polish as there’s a separate link to pay for the order after the order is accepted through the store.  I receive an email with the order details and fulfill the order.

This last piece is very important to me.  I’ve sold online prints before.  In these instances, a third-party accepted the order, created the print(s), accepted payment and handled all customer support.  Basically, a one-stop shop for the merchant.  My problem with this is I never get to see the final print.  To me, printing is an art form of its own.  From correctly calibrating your work flow through the final printing process, this isn’t easy stuff and I’ve spent MANY hours learning how to get great results.  To me, if I can’t see the final print, I can’t guarantee the product.  I want all my images to look amazing.  While I’m sure these online processors do a great job, I want to see it before it goes out.

Take a look at the store and let me know what you think.  I’d love any and all feedback!


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  1. Thanks For the information

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