ANPW Day 2 – PM

September 27, 2008

I have to admit, after getting up early, shooting like a fiend and having a large, late breakfast, I thought my attention span in Martin’s first Aperture class was in jeopardy.  I was tired!  But my tired feeling quickly took the backseat to Martin’s fantastic hands-on demonstration of Aperture.  Simply put, Martin’s reputation as the premier Aperture instructor is firmly in place!  As for Aperture, this application is fantastic and a huge step up from my current work flow.  While I really like Nikon’s Capture NX software, the elegance and depth of Aperture will greatly improve my time to edit images.  I’m a believer and moving to Aperture as soon as I get home.  Check it out at apple.com/aperture.

I teamed up with Martin again for the afternoon/sunset shoot.  On the way out the light was really flat and dark clouds adorned the sky.  It didn’t look like a night to be out shooting pictures.  Ha!  One lesson I’ve learned is that regardless of the situation you’re put in, there are times when you need to make pictures.  Your clients aren’t going to listen to, “there wasn’t good light”, “I didn’t find anything to shoot”.  You must make the shots and “Never give up, never surrender!”.

Following this motto, we continued into the park when the sun broke through the clouds and bathed the valley in a glowing light:

The clouds behind the Grand Tetons opens and the sun shines down on the valley

The clouds behind the Grand Tetons opens and the sun shines down on the valley

Continuing on we drove north through the park looking for animals.  We were able to shoot a number of horses, some distant antelope and a lone bison.  I’m processing images, but it’s taking quite some time and there isn’t a lot of it on the trip.  It’s shoot, learn, shoot, shoot, sleep!  It doesn’t make it easy to post.

On the way back it was getting dark and the clouds were preventing us staying out for astro photography.  We did stop to shoot a well lit statue on the way into Jackson:

Statue on the way into Jackson, WY

Statue on the way into Jackson, WY

In the evening, Martin and I decided to take a walk around town.  Honestly, I wasn’t feeling well, but didn’t want to give up on shooting for the day.  Remember the motto – “Never give up, never surrender!”  the town of Jackson is very beautiful and shooting at night was interesting.  Again, not a lot processed, but I thought this was interesting:

Of the way back to the hotel, we noticed the sky had cleared.  Against my body’s wishes, we loaded up the car and took off for the park.  Our goal – to get far enough out of town to escape the light pollution so we could shoot astro photography.  I’d never shot astro and was very interested in learning the technique.

When we finally pulled over and hopped out, there were more stars in the sky then I had ever seen.

The haze in the sky is actually the bands of our Milky Way galaxy.

The haze in the sky is actually the bands of our Milky Way galaxy.

The haze in the sky isn’t from clouds, it’s the bands of the Milky Way.  It was awesome.

Enough for now.  I need some sleep.



  1. I want to say thank you for taking time to post a few photos and provide some commentary about your trip. I know you must be exhausted so thanks for taking time. Love the sunshine in the valley shot and, having done my first set of night sky photography last year in South Dakota, I can imagine how excited you were. Have a great day today and again – THANK YOU for taking time to post in the midst of all you are doing. 🙂

  2. Great photos, esp. the last one of stars and the Milky Way band. Saw this similar sky one night during my recent Grand Canyon trip — but I could not capture the image with my camera. Thanks for posting on the Internet!

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