ANPW Day 2 – AM…

September 25, 2008

Wow.  It’s been a busy day!  This morning, Martin Gisborne and I headed out to shoot Schwabacher Landing at sunrise.  Martin is one of two Product Managers for Aperture and an accomplished photographer.  His style, get in, get the shot and get out to MAKE more pictures.  As I believed, the best part of the trip is understanding the way a true photo pro thinks about the assignment.  It really separates the professional from the amateur.  Alas, I’m in the latter group, but learning

After Schwabacher Landing, we decided to blow-off Moulton Row (too many people already there) and hunt for photos.  We scouted a place for this evening’s astral photos before driving after a couple hot air balloons.  We never did catch them, but ended up finding a bunch of Elk.  Hand-holding a 300mm f2.8 with a 1.7 tele isn’t the easiest thing, but I did manage to capture this image:

Off to grab a bite to eat before heading out for more wildlife, sunset and astral shots.  We’ll see!



  1. the one antler is so sad. but he remains very proud!

  2. […] panoramic shots of the Southern Tetons. Rob disappeared from the group for a while and ran into a one horned elk. And all that happened before 9:30 […]

  3. Poor guy, though his antler will grow back! Nice capture though and I’m jealous I didn’t know about the contest as i would have loved to win the opportunity to be there!

  4. So, did you ever decide on a theme?

  5. Hey bro … hope you are hangin in there. Sounds like a busy schedule with a pro keepin you moving. Look forward to seeing the pictures, Of course I will likely be placing a Christmas order 🙂

  6. I’m enjoying following the adventures in the Tetons. I already wrote about how impressed I was with the winning photo – so much so that I ordered a print for me and MAN it is even better in real life than on the web. It’s great that you are posting info for us to follow – learn alot – share alot.

    What theme did you decide on – or did you?

  7. […] Scott Bourne lead Catherine and Rob to Schwabacher Landing, but immediately left when no clouds were present because without clouds, landscape shots fall a bit flat. So, they headed up the road past the landing at Teton Overlook and grabbed some amazing panoramic shots of the Southern Tetons. Rob disappeared from the group with Martin aka the “Aperture Guru” for a while and ran into a crazy one horned elk. […]

  8. Great shot for a hand held setup Rob. I only just found your Blog today via “Mostly Lisa”, but I look forward to keeping an eye on your shots and Blog posts in the future.

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